Iran Travel Tips


Travelling is always a fun thing to do and it always gives you some sweet and thrilling memories. If you have ever considered travelling outside Europe, Iran should be on your shortlist. Iran is a beautiful country with a rich culture. Most people don’t know much about the travel destinations of Iran as those places are not advertised. Iran is a conservative Muslim country and a vacation in Iran may not be same as some other European country. However, it doesn’t mean you will be offered with less thrill and excitement. Iran has everything a traveler would like to find, here are some travel tips if you are planning one in Iran:


The climate of Iran is great for travelling. This place is safe for travelers and each year thousands of them come here to enjoy the beautiful sights. The environment is healthy here are you are not likely to get any kind of allergies or disease from here. The government of Iran is very strict about the healthy situation of this country. There are also many health care facilities available in this country. So, no matter what you have heard about the living condition of Iran, this place is perfectly safe for travel.


There are many travel agencies you can contact if you want travel to Iran. They offer special travel packages which include food also. Travel agencies will take you to some famous restaurants of Iran and you will be able to taste the exclusive cuisine of this country. Some dishes of Iran are famous all over the world. Iran has a rich culture which goes way back, so some of those foods are inspired from those times. If you want to have only vegetables, you should let your travel agency know that in advance. Being a Muslim country, most famous dishes of Iran are prepared with meat.


Travelling in Iran is easy and simple if you know the destinations. There are lots of transportation options available all over the country. If you are going with a travel agency, they will take care of the transportation for you. There are historic heritages all over Iran, it is said that the first modern civilization was based on this land. With proper transportation you will be able to see those historic spots with and learn many things about ancient civilization.

Dress Code

As said earlier Iran is a conservative Muslim country and you will be able to notice that throughout the country. The women here usually cover their whole body as a part of their religious instructions. No matter which part of the world you are travelling, you should respect the culture and traditions of that place. So you will need to follow some dress code while travelling in Iran. You cannot wear cloths which are too revealing. Also, a full dress will cover you from the heat of the sun as the temperature here is very high.