Travel tips! Part 2

Welcome back! Today we’ll be continuing on the theme of travel tips. Let’s get going.

  1. Learn how to pack as light as possible. Nobody needs 60 pounds of baggage for less than a week of travel. The less you carry with you, the better. YES, you can wear the same pair of jeans for multiple days.
  2. Figure out how much public transportation and taxis cost in advance. There are plenty of scam artists out there who want to take your money because they assume you’re a foreigner that doesn’t know your way around. Carry a map around with the location of where you are staying clearly marked so you can point out the location to them .
  3. Speaking of maps, it’s really the best thing to do to have an actual hard copy of your map in the city you are currently are in. Save your actual phone battery for when you actually really need it instead of draining it using Google Maps.
  4. Travel cards are very important. You don’t want to spend time on the phone with your bank from a dodgy location because you cannot access your funds. Please refrain from doing such a thing.
  5. Tissues and hand sanitizers please. There are some really disgusting bathrooms out there. Enough said.
  6. Earplugs and eye patches. Occasionally, you’re going to run into a really, really disgusting bathroom. Stay away from those things please.
  7. Learn how to operate a camera and take decent photos. Instagram selfies are probably a big no-no. Vacations are sparse and you don’t want your only memories of your trip to be on your Instagram feed.
  8. Public transportation is usually the bestĀ option to get around in many cities, so please don’t be afraid to use it.
  9. Basic first aid work would be helpful. This isn’t just useful for travel, it’s a fantastic life skill you should know anyway.