Travel Tips! Part 3

Today, we will be rounding out the final post in our travel tips series! I hope these tips have been helpful to you so far.


  1. Use smaller bottles to store all your things. It just takes up a lot less room. You don’t need to carry around the full bottle of shampoo wherever you go on a 2 week trip. You should also be labelling what is actually in those bottles – moisturizing your hair isn’t a great look for most people.
  2. Walking shoes. If you travel, you’ll be walking a lot. Bringing your pretty looking heels might be a good idea (you think), but really not very practical. You’re going to be walking through lots of unfamiliar terrain so don’t be an idiot when it comes to choosing your shoes.
  3. Get the locals to help you out here. This is extremely helpful if you are planning travel to a non English speaking country. Very, very likely, the best restaurants and beaches around aren’t the ones you find out about online. Getting the proper local guidance is always the best way¬†to find out about all the local gems no tourist guide site would have been able to get to you.
  4. Figure out where the local embassy of your country of origin is. Locate it on your map and write it down, or better yet, memorize it.
  5. Local laws are so damn important to follow. You might not think much of the local laws, but you’re in their country and you have a duty to follow them.
  6. Vaccinations are crucial for your health, so make sure you get your flu jabs and all that other stuff. Getting malaria overseas is the last thing you want on your trip.
  7. Last and final tip from me would be to respect the local culture very much. Foreign cultures might seem weird and alien to you, but that is no excuse to act like a tool overseas. Learning basic mannerisms and rules of other cultures would help you gain local respect quickly.
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Did we miss anything important? Contact us with your travel tips.